Mockup of the welcome screen of the Clove app in an iPhone
Clove Logo.png

A 14 week project for Visual Interaction Design 3. Summer 2020

What if a recipe app could be more social? 
Current recipe apps have limited interconnectivity and flexibility for users to discover truly unique recipes or share their own creations.

A recipe app that features a social media component

Clove Old User Journey.png
A digital mockup of the discovery interface showing a full screen image of a tray of chicken parmesan and icon of the user who uploaded it

Users may explore all of the wonderful community generated content and dive further in with the ability to see the recipe and cook it for themselves.

Digital animation of the screens for planning a meal, from selecting, to combining recipe items, to setting a cook time

The app includes a meal planning feature that combines recipes for cooking and calculates the time and ingredients according to any overlaps.

Digital animation of the start of the cooking process, including ingredients checklist, and initial steps with demo images

Step-by-step guides which include hands-free voice operation so users don't have to touch their device while prepping ingredients.

Digital mockup of the messaging interface with chat bubbles between users

Providing the ability to connect with and send messages, compliments, or recommendations to others.

Promotional Clip

Created in Adobe After Effects. Soundtrack by MorningLightMusic.

"Meals usually consist of more than one recipe."
-Interview Participant

Research and process

The problem statement

"Young professionals and college students are using apps and websites to guide them in the kitchen, but they are limited when browsing and sharing their creations in a social setting."

Initial Research


of 25 to 34-year-olds head
to the kitchen with their
tablet or smartphone.

Google Consumer Survey, Jan 2015, n=550


of survey participants rate

their own cooking ability

to be at or below average.

Independent Survey, June 2020, n=112


#foodporn posts

Instagram, July 2020


of survey participants turn to websites to discover new recipes.

Independent Survey, June 2020, n=112

Comparative Analysis
Pages from Anthony Palileo_Vis IxD 3_Mid
User Interviews
Mapping the Responses
Image of post-it note groupings from an affinity mapping exercise
Image of post-it notes grouped around an image of the user persona, categorized by Says, Does, Thinks, and Feels
The User Persona
Clove User Persona_edited.jpg
Branding and mood boarding
Post-it notes sorted in columns labeled Must, Should, Could, and Won't
Initial Sketches
Clove Sketches R1_edited.jpg
Clove Sketches R2_edited.jpg
Prototyping - Low to High Fidelity
Low fidelity digital mockups of the app interface, with gray boxes representing images
Mid fidelity digital mockups of the app interface in grayscale
First round of high fidelity digital mockups in full color
Final Iteration
Final digital mockups of the Clove app interface, showing four various parts of the interface interactions
The User Journey
MuSCoW Chart
Clove Name.png
Clove Logo Round 2.png
Anthony Palileo_Vis IxD 3_Week 6.jpg

Leveraging existing patterns used in social media gives familiarity to the users.

A user insight reminded me that meals are never just one recipe, so the system should be designed around this notion.

Visual demos are hugely popular for any instructional type of information.

Other recipe apps did include a liking or rating feature, but what if there was more to it?

The comparative analysis focused on recipe apps and revealed none had a complete system for interpersonal communication.

A mix of at-home and professional chefs revealed the differences and overlaps in their processes.

Affinity and empathy mapping exercises gave a clearer understanding of who my user is.

A clear primary user surfaced: tech savvy, busy bodied, and resourceful.

I landed on Clove which represents part of a garlic bulb the same way recipes are parts of a complete meal!

Inspiration came from looking at both social media platforms and cooking apps.

By the last week, it was all slight revisions for easier navigation and a clearer user interface.

Designing around the user persona and reiterating based on feedback from user testing helped me to step back and really look at the decisions made in a more effective way.
Much appreciation to my instructor Paula Seo and "guest TA" Patrick Nguyen for challenging me throughout the course to constantly improve and think bigger!
To view the complete final presentation slide deck, please click here: Clove Final Presentation