When designing for casinos, I work to balance aesthetic, function and security. It is always exciting to see my work live on an active casino floor.

I was tasked with designing all of the layouts for the new Hollywood Park Casino build and Augustine Casino's remodel. This included positioning fixtures like light up sensors, progressive bet spots and digital player terminals on the tables. I have also created layouts for games at Morongo Casino and properties throughout the Americas and Asia.

I designed an intuitive multi-bet track with Mara Games for their twist on the classic game of Blackjack that allows players to wage bets on one another's hands. I pitched the name "Bet'em All Blackjack" and it was voted in by everyone involved in the development.

I also design playing cards, casino chips and casino chip inlays, but for security reasons I cannot showcase those works.

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Hollywood Park Casino Blackjack

Photo courtesy of www.playhpc.com