Welcome to the corner of my site where I will be showcasing some of the watches that I have built/rebuilt/modified.

***These are watches from my own collection and are not for sale. I am not a certified watchmaker nor do I offer rebuilding or modification services. Thank you to those who have contacted me and commented on my watches! ***

This is my custom 1980 Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle with Tuna parts. I call it the "Tur-na", or the "Tun-le".

I purchased a super clean 6309-7040 case from a watch maker in Guam. All that was needed was a dial, hands, crystal and bezel and it would have been complete again. However, already having my near stock one, this was an opportunity to build something a bit different. I went about gathering the parts necessary to create this Turtle/Tuna hybrid.


• Yobokies stainless steel SKX bezel insert

• Crystaltimes polished coin edge bezel (face has been brushed)

• Klein Vintage Watch 320W10GN00 Type II Hardlex crystal

• Blacked out crystal gasket ring

• OEM SBBN007 "Tuna" hands

• OEM SBBN007 "Tuna" dial (with dial feet cut off to fit movement)

• 7C43 quartz movement

• 7C43 stem

• 7C43 movement shield

• Yellowdog Watch Straps rubber Zulu strap with brushed hardware

I must say that the strap on this watch is awesome! It's a custom made rubber 3-ring Zulu strap from Alex Moss of Yellowdog Watch Straps. I discovered his work through numerous posts of praise for his craftsmanship so I put in an order. The attention to detail as well as his efforts to size up the strap to each customer goes way above and beyond. The rubber is insanely comfortable, even in the summer months. The strap is pretty much married to this 6309 and together they receive lots of compliments.

This is my absolute favorite watch: my 1980 Seiko 6309-7049 "Turtle" diver.

I'd bought and sold a few of these in search of a really clean one. I ended up finding this one just 30 minutes from where I live. The bezel insert and crystal had succumb to some serious damage, but the case, bezel, dial and hands were in amazing condition. Upon receiving it I found that the lume was quite poor, but the print of the dial was still crisp and the hands had no signs of corrosion. Additionally, the date wouldn't turn over. Other than that it started up with just a few shakes!

Work Performed:

• Movement cleaning and lubrication

• Replaced broken intermediate date gear

• Installed English/Roman day wheel in place of English/Spanish

• Vintage Time Australia gasket set

• Yobokies OEM 6309 style bezel insert

• Klein Vintage Watch 320W10GN00 Type III Hardlex crystal

This is my SKX031 Submariner homage. I like to refer to it as "SUB031".

The SKX031 is often referred to as the "Seiko Submariner" for obvious reasons. Still, Seiko managed to do it in their own fashion. I brought together various aftermarket components to push this likeness even further.


• Minor case work to round the bottom of the crown guards and soften the transition to the lugs

• Yobokies Submariner inspired lumed ceramic bezel insert

• Yobokies Submariner inspired bezel with unidirectional clicks

• DLW Watches double dome sapphire with clear anti-reflective coating

• Yobokies stainless steel chapter ring

• Dagaz polished silver lollipop hands

• Aftermarket SKX023 dial

• NH36a movement

• NH36 threaded stem

• Aftermarket threaded crown

• Seiko 5 display case back

This modified SKX031 pays homage to Seiko's first professional diver, the 1965 and on 6217-8000/1, best known as the 62MAS. It is often referred to as the "31MAS".

This particular mod is not uncommon and can be found quite often on Ebay through overseas sellers. However, I preferred to perform the modifications myself. The case and bezel took numerous nights of hand filing and polishing to achieve the proper lines. This watch has a good amount of aftermarket support, which allowed me to finish off the watch with a beautiful dial and hand set that was already set up for use on the more modern movements.


• Complete case reshape and refinish

• Aftermarket 6217 inspired bezel insert

• Reshaped and refinished bezel

• Click ball and spring deleted

• G-S Ever-Tite acrylic crystal

• Custom polished silver chapter ring

• Aftermarket 6217 inspired hands

• Aftermarket 6217 inspired dial

• NH35A movement

• NH35 threaded stem

• Aftermarket 6217 inspired threaded crown

• Aftermarket threaded crown tube

• Seiko 5 display case back

My big crown dress diver. An idea inspired by Tudor's Black Bay 36, a modest sized diver without the rotating dive timing bezel.

The case was purchased from AJuiceT and underwent some minor metal working and drilling to fit the larger crown tube. All else was pretty much plug and play. I really came to like the vintage feel that the acrylic crystal gave to my 31MAS project, so I opted for the same on this one. The angled bevel of the particular crystal I used plays well with the case. The SKX031 dial does not have minute markers printed on it, but I feel it provides a clean, sophisticated appearance.


• Subtle lug reshaping and refinishing

• Case drilled for threaded crown tube

• G-S Thin-Tite acrylic crystal
• AJuiceT polished silver snowflake hands
• Aftermarket SKX031 dial
• NH36A movement
• NH36 threaded stem
• Aftermarket SKX threaded crown

• Aftermarket SKX screw down crown tube

• Aftermarket sterile case back

My Casio EF503, best known as the Speedmaster homage, or the "poor man's speedy". The only modification came by way of stripping the red paint from the chronograph hand and replacing the red seconds hand with silver subdial hand from a damaged donor EF503 (the seconds hand is made of brass so it didn't match when stripped). This is a watch I've owned for some time, but never wore because the red accents just didn't "do it" for me. With these simple aesthetic changes, it's getting a lot more wrist time.

The any time, any place watch: my custom Casio G-Shock GA800.

I absolutely love this G-Shock. It's elegance is in its simplicity. The single encompassing LCD, rather than numerous displays crammed into one dial, is still information rich and easy to read and navigate. The big round dedicated Illuminator button at the 6 o'clock position is just good design.


This is the first G-Shock at the lower price point to feature the sweep seconds hand, but on the black model they painted it red. I stripped away the red with the intention of repainting it white, but when I saw the black underneath I gave it a test fit and actually quite like it.


• Blacked out shroud (removed paint from G-Shock logo and text)

• Blacked out sweep seconds hand

• JaysAndKays GW9400 anodized aluminum strap adapters

• JaysAndKays 22mm heavy duty Zulu strap with black PVD coated hardware

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